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Change Repeating Group List Values with a Button


A few days trying to make this one work.
I have setup a project app and I want the values in the repeating group to update when I update one of the tasks:

I want all of the dependent tasks to update where they are dependent. As you can see, at the moment they are all dependent on each other and whilst I have this logic working, if I change the first entry I want to click on the dependents button and have this go through all the repeating group list entries and “re-scan” their dependents, and update the start date to the dependent’s value +1 day.

The problem I have is that I cannot see a piece of logic, plugin or other that allows each task to run a piece of logic like this which would essentially be like calling my update logic for each task (there are four different possibilities for the update logic so it covers all inputs/outputs:

I have tried every which way and I cannot figure out how to update group tasks, or “call” the update per each task as if a person were doing it and “updating” each one, which would change all of the tasks to update their tasks start dates to follow 1 day after the dependents (as you should see from the logic).

Thank you


On button press, call “make changes to a list of things” and pass in the dependent tasks.

Hi Scott,

Using the dependents button on the page I tried this; which works ones field at time, so you have to keep clicking on it to make each field update:

What should I be selecting from the task list to pass in the dependent tasks:

These are all elements on the page, rather than data elements in the repeating group list which is where I have struggled before. I don’t understand what I need to code in to say “change all of the repeating group tasks” in one go.

Thank you


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