Change text (@name) to link to member page

So i’m currently trying to make a twitter like site, and @ mentions are something that is puzzling me.

So i’m currently trying to go into a post and turn any @name stuff into the same text but have that text link to a page which is set up to be a user’s profile.

the url for the page is set up as [appname][username]-[unique id]

would anyone know how this would be done if it is possible?

Do you want this to open in a new tab ? Is that why you need to translate to an external id ?

Rather than try to workout the full URL, I would use the “extract path” function on page load, and read in the part of the url after /member/


On page load, read in the path (nigel) and search for the profile and set a state on the page. Makes for a neater URL to.

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