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Change the background color of a group via workflow

Is there any way to change the background color of a group from the live UI?

I was thinking of allowing the user to type a hex code into an input and then press a button triggering a workflow that will change the color of a specified group

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You can make colors dynamic. Make a data field in some data type called groupColor. From the input workflow, you’ll just update that data field and then the group color should change (just make sure the groups data content includes that specific data type/field (or you would search the database for that specific data type/field).

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There is a way to change the color of the Group from the conditional settings.
This is how I would approach it:

  1. Set up a custom state on the Group
  2. Change that custom state from the workflow to a corresponding value
  3. Set the conditional properties of the Group to change it’s background color based on the value if this custom state

for example,
When: MyGroup’s customState is state1
Property to change: Background color

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