Change the height of a repeating group to the alternation of a state

Goodmorning everyone . I have a small problem. I have created the following structure that allows you to view photos in a user gallery.

The structure consists of 2 repeating groups, one more external (which represents the name of a gallery) and one internal to the first, which instead shows the images contained within that specific gallery. Now I added an icon, which through a state, shows or hides the images in the gallery. However, I would like that when the content is hidden the cell height of the first repeating group collapses, however I am not shown the “collapse height when element his hidden” option. Can you tell me why? Or are there alternative solutions? I tried to see also among the conditions that can be applied, but I did not find anything that would allow me to change the height. Thanks in advance .

Try hiding the group containing the image instead. also you want to make the repeating group the smallest you want it to be when empty, it will expand to fit the content.

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