Change thing not working

I have a Edit Profile form where I transfer the current employee’s data from a Employee List Form.

There are a bunch of input boxes that show the data for the Current Employee. This works well.

I create a workflow to modify the current employee’s data (see attached). Problem is only the items changed are saved. The items not changed in the form are not saved and become blank in the employee data. So if I change the phone number only the phone number is saved for that employee, everything else is blank.

Can you please help.
Thanks in advance.

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I have the same thing. Did you find a solution?

the default value and the placeholder of the inputs have to be “parent groups/cells value” instead of empty.

I was changing the placeholder value instead of the cell value. They’re really close together and if you don’t pay close attention it’s easy to mix them up. It was a silly mistake on my part.