Make Changes to a Thing problem

I have a form to make changes to a client profile.
I have the initial content pointing to the correct field and it looks good.
However: if i make changes to one field and click save it saves the change but deletes all of the entries that i have not changed.
I thought that if the initial content was not empty it should either ignore this field as it has not changed or change to the same entry?
Any Ideas ?

Hi there, @tino… can you share some screenshots because what you described should be working. If you have the initial content of an input set to a value and you save the input’s value to a field in a workflow, the field should not be empty after the workflow runs. So, again, some screenshots would probably help here, and you can also check the debugger to see if you can get any hints there as to why it’s not working.


Thanks for the reply.
All working fine now.