How to change value of a thing after few number of days?

I have a feature wherein a product has discounted pricing lets say “Pre order” and I want it to become normal pricing 30 days after the date of creation. How should I do this?

I have now created a product that has an attribute status with value “Pre order” and if product’s status = “preorder” then its price is x - y.

after 30 days

Product’s status should change from “preorder” to “order” and if product’s status is “order” then its price is x.

Please help me out.

You don’t need to change the core price of the item for this. Just apply a discount if purchased before a certain point in time.

But if you DID want to modify an item’s price in your db, you’d schedule a Backend Workflow some time out in the future that would do that for you.

(But again, that’s silly as it’s NOT the price of the item that’s changing, it’s what you charge customers that’s changing. And what you charge is a derived value: price minus discounts (or even price plus positive adjustments). And discounts could result from any number of criteria: purchase date, coupon code, etc.)

I need to have the thing changes because that determines a lot of things for me more than the price change, Price change is just one factor. Besides, this is a marketplace app im building so this needs to be applied on the product sold by this user and this logic has to be applied on that user’s product and not on all the product platformwide. So with that said, you think scheduled workflow is the only solution here? I am new to bubble and I havnt explored the scheduled workflow features as of yet.

No, what I said was the right way to do it. Your pre-order price or promo price is just a coupon code, or like a quantity adjustment (“buy five, get one free”). Think about it.

I dont have any coupon code feature, just need the status of a product to change from “pre order” to “order” after certain days.

You can think about it either way (does the price go UP AFTER a certain point in time? Or does the price go DOWN before a certain point in time? It’s all the same…).

Either way, the price PAID is a derived value.

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