Change users data with a button

I wanted to create a button, so that I can change the “procedures” that a patient performed in a clinic. however I am not able to change it… The idea is that an administrator can insert procedures performed on any patient registered in the system.

in the user there is a UserProcedures field, I would like to know how I enter the data informed in the application in that field.

Hey @hyperxmotta :wave:

it’s a simple workflow:
when the button is clicked > make changes to selected user: list of procedures > add dropdown procedure’s value:

here it is in action: (9)

and in the database:

Thank u!! I’m getting to know the platform, so I’m full of doubts! Thank you for your help!

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In my case, a lot of numbers appear, is there any way I can change this?

can you show a screenshot? where and when the numbers are appearing?

You’re welcome and good luck. Can you explain where the number appear?if you mean in the database probably you are seeing the ID’s instead of procedures names? that’s ok, click the search icon beside the column name and choose which property you’d like to see.