Make Changes to Specific User's First name in popup

I want to change the value in the database if the user edit’s the text input of Name in the popup on the click of Submit button. How should i will get the current cell user for which the value has been changed? Thank you in advance for you suggestions :slight_smile:


Hi there, @mrunals.spaceo… if the type of content for the popup is User and you are displaying (using the Display data workflow action) the current cell’s user in the popup (assuming you are opening the popup from a repeating group), then all you have to do is select Parent group's User in the last screenshot, and you will be able to change the fields associated with the specific user that was selected from the repeating group (given that your privacy rules on the User data type allow it, and I’m assuming they do because you are displaying the data in the popup).

Hope this helps.


Hi, @mikeloc Thank you for the suggestion :smiley: