Changeable image on refresh

Hey all,

I’m wondering if anyone has done this or there is a plugin for it.

What I am trying to achieve on my bubble homepage is for an image box to show a different image (maybe out of 10 different options) upon a refresh or page change/return to home.

User visits home - image 1-10 shows
User refresh home - image 2-10 shows
User leaves page and returns - image 3-10 shows
etc, etc.

Any help is appreciated greatly.

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Hi Timbo,
Reference: ’ Changeable image on refresh](Changeable image on refresh
Did you ever find a solution?

Thanks, Mark

@Timbo & @mark20

You can have a data field of type “Number” on the user. On the homepage you’d create the following workflow: When page is loaded => Make changes to current user, then you take the current user’s number type and you increment it with 1.

This data will be deleted if your visitor does not create an account within 72 hours. You can learn more here: Authenticating Users - Bubble Docs

When displaying the image, your search will be: Do a search for "IMAGE":item#current user's Number or Get an option set...:filtered (Filter will be the option set’s number-attribute that matches the current user’s number.)


Hi Olivier, I want to add about 8 Lottie files to alternate on refresh on the homepage. Would you know how to do that?

Thanks, Mark

Hi Olivier,

Excellent. Thank you for the input

Regards, Mark