Image selection

Hi there

I’d like my users to select an image from a list of images… and then on another page I’d like to display their choice. What’s the best way to go about this?


Create a field on the user.

Thanks - blonde moment… this is why you shuld stop before 4am haha. Thanks again

hmmmm… actually it’s not working for me. Apologies if this is a super simple one…

I have 6 images for them to select from, and whichever one they select, I want this to become the “current user answer” which I can call on and insert on a different page.

I selected to update a thing, but I can’t seem to select the image as the “answer”. I tried setting an action for “when this image is clicked” to change a thing for “current user” and made a new field for “question number” but not sure how to select this image as “the answer”.

what element are you using for selection?

Inserted an image

i will try build something.

Thank you!!

How is your DB structured? You could send data between pages if you’ve defined the type of content to the page where you are sending the data.


There are about 12 pages before they hit the summary page where all answers from all 10 pages appear. Tried sending data, but again was not able to select the image.

Oh wow - how did you do this? , :yum:

Thank you!!! I’ll give this a go

Am I able to share my version with you at all?

Sure, go to settings/general and change to anyone can view/ can edit. Then copy the editor link.
Send me private message if you want.