Help needed! Auto-chaging images on the page

Hey, Bubblers!

Happy to join this community.
I’m a beginner here and I need help.

I have 4 images on a page, and I want all four images to change randomly and automatically to show an image per slot from the given collection of images without any interaction or trigger, for example, just every 5 seconds.

Here are the rules that I have in mind.

  1. The change should be per image at a time and not all together (different time intervals)
  2. The same image cannot be displayed in more than one image slot at a time (no duplicates).
  3. The image change should be through a transition effect.

Not sure if this is too complicated for Bubble.


Create a data thing with your images. Set an image element on your page. Create a an image state on the image element. Set the image element dynamic image to the image elements image state.

In the work flow set a do every 5 seconds trigger. Set the image elements state by do a search for random image data thing.

BTW, you may also want to set the image elements image state to a default do a search for radom image. Otherwise it will show blank on page load.

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