Changes to search issues

How come all of a sudden, issues are created if an element with a search field is empty? I purposefully want some empty sometimes.

What are you talking about specifically?

Suddenly I’m getting “issues” on pages of my app. E.g. repeating groups which previously had conditions where I made the list search empty, now need to have something in there. The same for “choices” in dropdowns. If conditions make the “choices” list empty, an issue is now created.

Yeah… I’ve had this exact same issue this week… although not (yet) with RGs.

But I often leave Dropdown Option Sources empty, and define them with conditions, where necessary… and have done for years.

But since 3 days ago I’m having the exact same problem… for all my dropdowns where the default choices source is empty, I’m now getting issues saying ‘Remember to fill out the choices source for this dropdown’.

I’ve already contacted Bubble about this, and they told me it’s never been possible to leave the Choices sources of a dropdown empty, and I must be mistaken. They told me the only ‘workaround’ is to enter an expression that evaluates to an empty list.

In fact, there was another ‘bug’ that appeared recently - the fact that a list of Users will not show new Users added without a page refresh - and Bubble said the same thing to me then… that it’s never been possible to do that (despite the fact that until 3 weeks ago that was always possible).

So, it seems Bubble (or at least the people they employ in their support) really don’t know anything about their own product at all - which is not very reassuring.

Nor is the fact that new ‘bugs’ like this keep appearing on a weekly basis.