[missing element]

Hi Bubble,

Need some urgent help.

I’m just about to take the second version of my site live, but I keep getting this 1 error message : [Missing element]

I have a search function on my search page where people can search for parking spaces. If the search returns 0 results then they have the option to ‘click here’ and it shows a pop up. On the pop-up they can fill out a form for where they are searching, with the same inputs as the page. I keep getting this one annoying (because I can’t solve it) message. If you look at the screenshot, when I click the error message a red box appears around the "Choices source - Search for Country’s’ Line

Any help would be seriously appreciated.


Do you think the message is correct ? Or is it just delayed ?

I have often had these when I was making changes. Seemed to take a while for the issue checker to sort itself out.

Closing the browser window and reopening after a short break seems to do the trick.

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Thanks, Nigel.

I will give this a go and let you know how it goes.


Thanks Nigel, That has worked, think my site has updated correctly. Cheers.

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Thank you very much!!! I’ve been chasing rogue issues now for days.

I just filed a bug report (#19763) for this issue - bubble cannot have a buggy workflow step that affects app creation workflow.

Delete and recreate the data source that “has” an issue and it will go away

I had the same problem with the [missing element] error. It was very frustrating and I couldn’t find a solution online. I tried to delete and recreate the data source that Bubble was saying had an issue, and the issue finally went away. I’m posting this for informational purpose in case other users have the same problem. Hope this helps.