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[missing element]

Hi Bubble,

Need some urgent help.

I’m just about to take the second version of my site live, but I keep getting this 1 error message : [Missing element]

I have a search function on my search page where people can search for parking spaces. If the search returns 0 results then they have the option to ‘click here’ and it shows a pop up. On the pop-up they can fill out a form for where they are searching, with the same inputs as the page. I keep getting this one annoying (because I can’t solve it) message. If you look at the screenshot, when I click the error message a red box appears around the "Choices source - Search for Country’s’ Line

Any help would be seriously appreciated.


Do you think the message is correct ? Or is it just delayed ?

I have often had these when I was making changes. Seemed to take a while for the issue checker to sort itself out.

Closing the browser window and reopening after a short break seems to do the trick.

Thanks, Nigel.

I will give this a go and let you know how it goes.


Thanks Nigel, That has worked, think my site has updated correctly. Cheers.

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