Changing a Text-Elements content after making a Dropdown selection

Checked the help and couldn’t find an answer, it’s probably something super basic but i can’t figure it out even while fiddling with it.

So, my project is basically an army builder, you select and equip spaceships. At the same time i want to display certain infos about the users selection like what type of ship or weapon they are selecting here.

So i have the project connected to an Airtable where all the various data is stored (and later saved) and the Dropdown lets me make a selection but i can’t figure out how to make a textfield go “Type: Frigate” if a frigate is selected.

I have dynamic text and can make it go “Shipselection Dropdown’s value’s Type: format as text” but regardless what i use for delimiter or Content to Show Per List Item, doesn’t really seem to do anything and i think i am plain using it wrong.

Any pointers what i am missing i’d be grateful for

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