:emoji like Slack or Discord

Adding something like this to input fields in a bubble app would be amazing. Has anyone implemented something like this?

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I am on my phone now… but I am confident that we already have a plugin for this…

maybe you can also work with find&replace, but not sure right now how to make it easy for a lot of different emojis or icons.

If you want to do it natively without relying too heavily on plugins its possible. Use an Option set with a field attribute for :name: and another for emoji. Anchor a group focus with a repeating group to the input. You could use an input monitor plugin that monitors the instant value of the input (bubble’s ‘input value’ doesnt get updated as often as you would want to for this application) a good plugin I use for input monitoring is:

Using ‘:extract with regex’ you could determine whether the input monitor’s value contains an opening ‘:’ with no closing ‘:’, and then show the group focus.

That being said, as @rpetribu said, there probably is a plugin for this if you dont want to build it yourself.

Hey all thanks for the replies!

I’m looking for a plugin but can’t find it. Building it myself sounds complex. A repeating group of emojis… aren’t there about 3k emojis? Perhaps there’s a library or an api.

It’s a nice to have, but alas, if it’s not readily available, then all is good.

Can do this

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I found this:



Thanks for this, @Thimo always nails it!

@rpetribu Was just playing around with the API too. Very fast, and free!
Thinking of just using a js event listener to get this working + API.

I think I have what I need to solve this one, thanks guys!

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