Backend Workflow Recurring vs data trigger

I would like to create a back end workflow so that when a monthly subscription billing date + 1 month < current date then bubble add one month to the subscription billing date.

Are change suppose to be instantaneous or bubble are doing those workflow at a certain time because nothing is changing in my database…

Could someone help me please :slight_smile:

You can’t use a database trigger event for this…

Use either a webhook or an APIA workflow, depending on how your app works.

So that means i need to use a third party such as zapier ?

what recuring backend worflow do ?

No, just use Bubble

(Backend workflows are a fundamental part of building apps with Bubble… so if you don’t know what they are or how to use them, start by learning the basics of how they work).

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So i can i use bubble to automatically updated my database when a condition is true? is it with a recuring backend workflow just like i put in my photos??

All good i found my answer. My problem was how to trigger the workflow. I used a “when this page is load”.

Thank you for your help !