Changing Dev DB structure without affecting Live DB

Hey y’all! Does anyone know if there’s a way to make changes on the dev DB (not the data but the fields and structure) without it affecting the Live DB.

It is time to make some major changes on my app but i would like to do so with the least ammount of downtime possible.

Thank you!!

Hi there, @sdcuru97… maybe I don’t understand your question, but changing the database in development has no effect on the live database until you deploy the changes to live. So, make all the changes you want in development, and live will stay the same until you deploy. Is that what you are asking?


Hey @mikeloc !

That is exactly what i meant! So, if i change/delete a field in a data type in the staging DB it wont affect the Live DB until deployed?

I don’t know where i got the idea that it changed automatically :upside_down_face: hahaha

Thanks a lot man!


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Yes, that’s correct.

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