Changing the Default Coming Soon Page

For context, I am working on a bubble application that I plan to launch in 4 months, and have completed about half of it. I haven’t pushed to live because I don’t want people creating accounts yet.

How can I change the default “you haven’t published your app yet” page to a “Coming Soon” page that I can accept pre-registrations on, without pushing my whole uncompleted app to the live environment?

Any help is much appreciated!

Short answer: you can’t.

Longer answer: You can’t, but here’s what you can do. You can put a redirect on each page that sends them back to the “coming soon” page, and have that workflow only run when the current environment is live.

Is you data structured in a way you could also set permissions on the restricted content/pages?

Another option is to create your static site (ie. coming soon page) in a separate app for the time being. If you have a domain name, you can point it to that app for the time being.

Then, for the actual app you’re building, you can password protect it in development and live mode. On the General tab, under Security: Limit access to this app with a username and password: check the box. Then under “Only apply in Development mode”, uncheck the box.

Could you not have your “coming soon” page, as your index page?

And from there, allow no workflows to access or engage with your “app” (which would be on another page)

You could push your app live - have it inaccessible to the public - and just retain your inescapable index page (coming soon) as your whole app.
If I understand that correctly.

Highly unlikely that people would be somehow accessing the app from “backdoor”. But like the guys say - some permissions set up of some kind could certainly hide live elements from view.

If your wanting registration. Which is good.
I’d do something like that and have the whole client facing portion of the app to be the registration page only.

Thanks for the input everyone! I’ll be combining most of the answers here for the solution.

The plan is to create a registration/coming soon page, and temporarily set it to the index for deployment. I won’t have any workflows on that page that interact with the rest of my app, and I’ll do the redirect that @andrewgassen mentions in the reusable header that’s on all of my pages.

The pre-launch page I’m making is a bit more involved too (similar to Robinhood; link here for any other startups interested), so this approach works well.

This ultimately has been what I’ve done until now - I’m getting a license for a third party tool however that I’m integrating into my app, and I only get 1 domain for it to live on, so I had to start the transition. Thanks!

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My data is structured in a way where I use user roles - I could do the redirect based on their user role, but I already have my header do some dynamic changes based on that, so I’m planning the redirect based on the environment. Is there a reason you can think of to approach differently?

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