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Customizing "You haven't deployed your app to live yet" text

I’d like to be able to replace this text that appears when I launch a new app and it’s not yet pushed to Live:

You haven’t deployed your app to live yet.

To do this, get back to the ‘Development’ version of your app and click on ‘Deployment and version control’ in the version menu.
Then, click on ‘Deploy development to live’.

Also, keep in mind the Live and the Development version of your app have two different databases.

Could this please be implemented? If anything it would be awesome to have the option to simply start with a blank white page upon creating a new app. This largely affects me with subapp deployment, since the new subapp URL will be known to new users and I’d prefer they not see this text when first going to their app URL.

You could deploy those apps and have a temporary index page designed however you’d like. Switch index when it’s ready. There are a few ways to keep users from wandering onto other pages as well (navigate to index if user is not logged in, for example)

Oh, I meant before I have the opportunity to deploy the app to Live. I have a temp page, but before you push the dev to live at least 1x you’re stuck seeing that text.

Oh you mean while you’re creating the temp page… got ya. Yeah…I see what you mean.

The process goes:

Person signs up and completes their profile. They are asked to choose a subdomain after verifying email. A new subdomain CNAME record is created via API. We’re alerted and generate a new sub-app ASAP and assign the new subdomain as a custom domain. This kicks off the SSL process and then we have to go assign new API keys to all the plugins. During this time, which might be 24-48 hours, I think it would be best to leave the landing page blank.

Is there a way to stop the live app ?
I have launched my live app for a test and I now would like to cancel this deployment to disable anyone to visit my app.
Is there a way to do so ?

You could change the DNS settings of the app so that it’s accessible on a different URL.

You could then create a new app and apply the old DNS settings to it to show just a splash page on the original domain.

Just a thought.

Thanks for the answer, but it is not linked to a domain name yet !

You could also revert the app to when you first started and then publish it to production. You should be able to revert back to current version after that on Testing.

Might want to make a copy in case that doesn’t work (I’m 99.9% sure it does, but not worth the risk).