Trigger database refresh (to update RG)

Hello everyone,

this is my attempt to create a simple shopping-list app:



When dragging and dropping the items from left to right and vice versa, there are always some gaps and glitches in both RGs. Reloading the page helps to clean the Repeating groups up. This is a pretty bad workaround though.
Is there a faster way to trigger a database refresh (which would reset and reload the Repeating Groups)?

I already found some threads in the forum about this topic. However, none of suggested answers worked for me.

use custom states to “store” the information on page before you have it saved to database. Use the custom states as the datasource of the repeating groups.

But you shouldn’t need to as the repeating groups get updated as soon as the database does, but if you are looking to eliminate the lag time between changing the data and refetching it, use the custom states.


Thanks boston. Sounds like a very good idea to use custom states instead of the database itself. I added two custom states for this but unfortunately, it still doesn’t work.
The groups inside the RG cells still disappear randomly. :frowning:

Oh - I found a solution. :slight_smile:
The problem is not the RG, but the droppable Groups. I switched their “post drop behavior” from “hide” to “move back”. Looks like a timing problem. But “move back” seems to do the trick :slight_smile: :+1: