Changing user data with information submitted after login

There are two data types I want to relate to each other: User and Organization. After a user signs up (on the “Sign Up” page), they’ll be directed to a separate page where they input information about their organization (on the “Organization Information” page), such as name, industry, etc.

The User data should look like this: Email (type: text), Name (type: text), Organization (type: Organization). The Organization data looks like: Organization name (type: text), industry (type: text).

How do I set up a workflow so that when a user hits submit after they’ve entered in information on the “Organization Information” page, the User data type updates the Organization field? Is has something to do with relational datasets I think.

Also, does the process change if I want to relate “Organization” to somewhere other than the “User” information? For example, if I have a separate data type called “CEOs” and I wanted to relate Organizations to the CEOs data type like I did to the Users data type.

Hi there, @mwinchell… in the workflow where the organization is created, you just need to add a step that makes changes to the current user. So, let’s say step 1 in the workflow creates the new organization… then, step 2 (or any subsequent step) would use the Account >> Make changes to current user action, and the change to make is to set the Organization field on the user equal to the result of step 1 of the workflow. Does that make sense?

Oh, and the process would be the same if you want to associate the newly created organization to another thing. You would simply makes changes to that thing and set a field on the thing equal to the organization.

Hope this helps.