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Scheduled API Won't Charge saved CC in Backend Worflows

I’m heading towards the end of building a marketplace app that involves teachers and students scheduling lessons with each other. I’m having a problem getting the Scheduled API option in the backend workflows to charge the appropriate user using a saved CC when their lessons have ended. The Stripe API keys are in the right place and I’m able to connect accounts properly and register users as sellers. I define in the backend to charge the student and have the payee of the transaction set to the teacher, and I trigger the scheduled API when a button is clicked causing a lesson to be scheduled between two users. When the scheduled date of the API is reached, the student should be charged using their saved CC, but Stripe picks up no test payment data and my application does not seem to run the workflow. I really have no idea what’s wrong so any advice would be appreciated. I’ll attach some images of my workflows below. I’m currently on a personal plan.

I also get this message in the server logs. I’m using Bubble’s Stripe plugin to charge the user so I’m assuming it recognizes the connected account ID automatically. If that’s not the case, I’m not sure how I would get it to recognize the connected account ID.