Charging the buyer in the future


I’m building an app where people can hire babysitters. The system collects their CC info after they have sent the offer and I want them to be charged after the babysitter has completed their job, so around 30 minutes after the event has ended.

I don’t know how to achieve that using the Stripe Plugin (by bubble) as the only way I found was to schedule API workflow but I cannot refer to the EMPLOYER/BUYER as the person that needs to be charged in the backend workflows.

Can someone help with this?

Hey @zalanzsely7777,
At the beginning use “Collect the user’s CC information” action, and then “Charge a user using saved CC” after work is finished. I think you did it this way.
To avoid backend workflow you can add button to confirm that work is done and then run workflow.
Or if you want use backend workflow as now, you can send parametr to your API workflow when you schedule it. For example EMPLOYER/BUYER as user or some else data type like “Order” that contains this users inside and then use it in workflow.

I wish this could help you.

Hey @it18 ,

Thank you so much for your reply.

When “charging a user using saved CC” how do I tell the system when to do this action? I couldn’t find a solution to this :confused:

Also, how do I send parametr to an API workflow?

Thank you in advance!

This is your action to triger backend API workflow.

to add parametr to api workflow you need to add it here:

You can set to ignore privacy rules anywhere to make sure it wont block you workflow.


Thank you so much @it18 ! I will try it! :slight_smile:

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