Charge another user without saved CC, v3 Stripe plugin (SCA compliant)

I recently updated to the v3 Stripe plugin (SCA compliant) to get the better UX for mobile. I found out to make it SCA compliant I can no longer save credit cards. I’m trying to figure out a way to redesign to accommodate this since saving CC was a main part of my site.

My site has buyers and sellers. Buyers request work from sellers. Sellers, sometime later, deliver the work and the Buyer is charged. This worked out nicely with saving CC because I could verify every Buyer had a saved CC and I would charge the CC when the Seller delivered the work.

With the new SCA compliant plugin I think the Buyer needs to be the one who initiates the transaction, but we don’t know when the Seller will complete their work and that is when the Buyer should be charged.

Is it possible to charge another user (Seller does something and then Buyer is charged) without saving the Buyer’s CC? How can this be accomplished with SCA plugin?

To take an app we all know, I guess it would be similar for Lyft or Uber. The passenger doesn’t get charged when they order a ride (the ride may get canceled, driver not show up, etc.) The passenger is charged when the ride is completed automatically and they don’t need to go back into the app to pay.

It looks like Bubble enabled save CC for v3. THANK YOU!