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Hello everyone,

In my web app, I have an instant messaging feature. I want to automatically send all users a greeting message when they sign up.

My database structure is “message” (message text) saved as one type which is linked to “conversation” (list of users in the conversation and list of messages sent in the conversation) which link to a users “conversation list” (list of all users conversations).

I have a greeting “message” saved and can link that to the creation of a “conversation”.

But when setting the conversations list of users, I can add the current user (user who is signing up) but then how do I add the second user which is the company (saved as a user)?

Step 1

Step 2 (PROBLEM)

Step 3

Hey there @bentomsouthgate :wave:

I hope I can help out. :blush: I am not sure about your whole workflow. You can try something like this instead:

Just change conversationParts ‘add list’ to ‘add’ like the step above.

I don’t know if this is really what you are looking for since I don’t know exactly where you are getting your unique id from. But I figure, maybe you know where you are getting it from. :blush:

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Thanks so much! I have been able to use this logic to complete what I was trying to do!

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Glad that helped! :blush:

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