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So, I’m implementing a small chat function into my app with a repeating group that displays the messages and a multiline input below. I’d like the newest messages to be added to the bottom of the repeating group which is if course manageble via sorting. So far so good. Now, when the user comes to the chat, they see the beginning of the chat history first, starting with the fist message ever written because the repeating group is scrolled all the way up. I would like it to always be scrolled all the way down, so that it follows the same principle as when people a messaging on mobile. When user open the chat page, they should be displayed the latest messages at the bottom of the releating group, not the chat history from the very beginning.

Any chance this is doable?

Hey @robert8 :wave:

When creating a chat functionality in Bubble, there are a few tools that make it easier.

Check it out:

Reverse Repeating Group (this is what you are looking for): RepeatingGroup to Chat Plugin | Bubble

Chat Bubbles: Chat / Message bubble element Plugin | Bubble

Editor Example: Test805421 | Bubble Editor

Preview: Your Bubble app

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Thanks, this helps!!

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Glad that was helpful! :blush:

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