Is it possible to create chatbot builder like landbot on bubble?

Just that: Is it possible to create chatbot builder like landbot on bubble?

I appreciate whoever may answer.

Yes, it is!

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Thanks for your reply, knowing that is possible it makes me motivated to do it. And I apologize in advance but I’m a complete noob at bubble, is there any template or a person specialized in this type of apps in bubble that I can refer to? no matter if it is paid or free info.

@georgecollier has experience with this. He’s also published a template using Pinecone for memory, for creating custom chatbots. Maybe he could help?

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It depends. If you want to create a chatbot or two for YOUR use case, absolutely, and it won’t be unreasonably difficult.

If you’re trying to create an SaaS where anyone can create a chatbot using your site, it’s a little bit more difficult. For this, in rough order of difficulty:

Relatively straight forward

  • User can create a simple text (no buttons, pre-programmed paths) chatbot using their own memory/knowledgebase
  • User can embed this chatbot using an iFrame on their own site

More challenging

  • Customising colour or styling for the user’s chatbots so that it doesn’t just inherit the site’s styles
  • WhatsApp/FB Messenger integration
  • Complex pre-programmed paths

I’m currently working on a client project that allows users to create various chatbots based on sets of knowledge with file uploads + MySQL database, but it’s simply AI responding with text, and user inputting text (no ‘Click here for option 1’ and ‘Click here for option 2’).

If you’re new to Bubble and want to do it, your best bet is starting with Academy courses or Youtube tutorials or a bootcamp. Then, build a couple of (comparatively) simple practice apps (Airbnb clone, blogging platform, social media for example). Then, if and when you’re ready, move onto this project.

I’m available to give help if necessary but that’ll only be worth your money if you have enough experience to get yourself started! Here are some links:

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