Check preload status of howler.js

Scenario: howler.js plugin with multiple audio files stored inside (selection which to play based on a slider input). Preloading works fine but takes some time.

Question: Is there any way to check if howler.js has preloaded all audio files? (to add a loading screen) “Page loaded entirely” status does not provide this.

Thanks so much for your replies! :slight_smile:

The alternative would be to fake it by just adding a loading screen that takes around 5000ms to be closed, I guess?

EDIT: Question answered for myself. The pro version of howler.js provides exactly this data as “audio file has fully loaded”. Unfortunately this only works with one audio file per howler instance and not with conditional ones (aka multiple audio files per howler).

So I used the “audio file has fully loaded” event to create a custom state for the howler.js plugin and a loading screen that only hides if all my howler instances have finished loading.