Checkbox boolean shows "yes" when checked but shows as an empty value when unchecked

As the title says, when creating a new Thing in my database I want users to be able to set a boolean value using a checkbox. Right now if the user checks the checkbox the value will be set to “Yes” but if they don’t check it, it’s left blank.

I have set the default value to “No” so I am not sure why that isn’t showing by default.

Here is how I have things set up:
I have the checkbox set dynamically to change the status of the Premium data type.

I then have a workflow attached to the “Upload” button that adds new Things and sets the “Premium” field depending on whether or not the checkbox is checked.

Any help would be appreciated. I can find other questions about checkboxes but they are mainly around setting a value to existing Things, not creating something new.

Definitely should be saving as NO.

Did you try to inspect this operation using the debugger?
I recommend you to submit a bug report.

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But also, and sorry if I’m missing something - does it really matter if makes Premium = empty / null?

empty / null = no for booleans in Bubble so it shouldn’t affect your logic

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It doesn’t matter. When you save the sentence “Checkbox is checked” you are actually saving the answer of this question. You are actually asking “Is this checkbox checked?”.

So if the checkbox is checked, the result will be YES.
Any other possibility will result in NO.

I honestly don’t know what to look for while using the debugger to see why it’s showing an empty value. I am really new to Bubble and not a developer.

as @georgecollier mentioned I can still run everything I need since an empty value is equal to the No value but I just thought I was doing it wrong and wanted to make sure things connect correctly.

I submitted a bug report, thanks :slight_smile:

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