Checkbox does not set the value I put

I try to make this but the checkbox not change … and i need to click to work.

Does anyone know what can it be?

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I don’t think you need that conditional. The checkbox input should change when it’s clicked as a feature of the regular input. You can see on the sample app/page below. Are you looking to make a certain action happen when it’s clicked?

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If you want your checkbox to be checked as default, you should do this:

Yeah, I try to set a value (check or not check) in workflow, but anything hapens.

I think we didn’t understand what you want

For example, someone clicks on the CheckBox but I have a conditional that says “If the person marks the Checkbox as yes” → Make the checkbox value “no”


If you change the value to “no” the checkbox will be unchecked
So the user will check it again…
Bubble will uncheck it…
And this is going crazy forever.

So what is the point to have the checkbox?

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