Checkbox Dynamic Value Doesn't Match "Is Checked" Value

Hey guys,

I got a message from Bubble support saying that “Dynamic statuses only persist until the user clicks on the element and changes the state…”

I have also tried using the check/uncheck conditional when a state is changed. Everything shows up in the debugger accordingly, but the view of the checkbox is still unchanged.

Here’s the checkbox filters that I’m trying to get to work:



When an checkbox is selected, then the select / clear all, the select all/clear all state will be correct, but the checkbox will not.

Anyone have any solutions for this?

We can’t see your editor. Make it “anyone can view” and share the link and someone could help you.

Showing a page that doesn’t behave the way you expect only shows us that your page doesn’t behave the way that you expect. It does not help us explain to you why it doesn’t work the way you expect.

Also, just because you don’t understand an answer from support doesn’t mean that something is “broken”. It just means you didn’t understand the answer given.

But let me assure you: There is nothing “broken” with checkboxes, which are trivial. You’re having what’s called a “user headspace error.”

Thank you. I apologize for coming off that way, I think my problem was not articulating my thoughts correctly.

Problem: If an individual checkbox has been checked/unchecked once, using the select all/clear all buttons won’t work. The select all/clear all buttons will change the state of the group correctly, but the checkboxes will not match the new custom state’s value.

Bubble’s support team has stated what I had already observed.

However, here’s the bug: In the screenshot, the dynamic status does not match the “is checked” status

This is because the status of the checkbox is (initially dynamic) changed from dynamic to static every time I:

  1. manually change the individual value of the checkbox
  2. use the select all/clear all button (which sets a state that should dynamically change the checkbox’s value)

I have also tried using the same conditionals, but with checked/unchecked rather than dynamic values, but the same outcome occurred - if the individual checkbox has been checked/unchecked once, using the select all/clear all buttons won’t work.

I hope this cleared things up and much appreciated for the response @keith

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