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Checkbox doesn't obey it's dynamic state

Hello! I have the exact same problem as the link below. I am pasting it here because it no longer accepts replies.

Essentially, checkboxes with dynamic status obey their condition until they are clicked on by a user after which they no longer obey their dynamic condition.

The docs state this as well:

However, this isn’t the functionality I need and it is vexing me. How can I make a checkbox obey its dynamic condition after it has been manually altered.

Really appreciate the help.

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Hi Jordon! What is currently determining the dynamic status of your checkbox?

I tried a little test with a checkbox that’s checked status is determined by a dropdown option (ie. if the dropdown value is “Yes” the box is checked, if “No” it is unchecked). And you are totally correct, as soon as I manually uncheck that box it doesn’t care what the dropdown value is. To fix this I put the checkbox in a group and then set a workflow like this: When dropdown value is changed, reset data in the checkbox group. Perhaps that will work for you? You can see a demo of the test here

Worked a treat. Thanks @daila.duford!

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