Checkbox in a repeating group, pulling data from a thing


I am building a platform that allows vendors to list their service online. One of the inputs I want to have is a section that the vendor can input which tells the customer when their service is most suitable to be booked (similar to the “Amenities” section on Air BnB).

I want the list of suitabilities to be pre-defined and pulled from its own database for ease of management.

At this stage I don’t quite know how many entries there could be to choose from… I will start with a max of about 15 - 20, and then go from there.

Would a checkbox in a repeating group be the best way to do this? If so, could some one help get me going in the right direction?

If not, would a multidropdown menu be the next best option? I’d like to avoid this as I want to keep typing to a minimum.

Happy to field ideas and suggestions!

Thanks every one


You can do it with a checkbox. What you will need to do is use a custom state that holds the “selected” items and adjusts this as each checkbox is selected/unselected.

This example does much the same thing but without the checkboxes.

Multidropdown is nicer IMHO.

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