Checkbox list assign Value and display

I have two mobile APPs which are connecting to each others through Bubble API connector (Company Side and User side)
In user App I changed Dropdown “job category” to checkboxs where user is able to choose multiple choices, assined to each option and create custom state …

also create a workflow when button ‘Save’ is clicked to save the data

data saves in the database ( even if its multiple inputs) :white_check_mark:
but data displays only if the input is only one, if there is a multipule inputs data doesn’t displays…
In Above picture as you can see there is ‘ADD’ option i also changed it to “ADD LIST” but in that case data doesn’t saves in the database at all field is just blank

and actual problem is coming from that input I guess

inputs should be in different lines but now it looks like one big input …
any suggestions ideas would be appriatiated
Thanks and sorry for my English)

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