[SOLVED] Multiple - Check box values to Bubble DB

Hi ,

I think I am missing some logic in my requirement.

I need to save the multiple checkbox values to the bubble database once I click submit. In the below example, I am unable to save the exact values of the check box If select multiple categories.

Editor link: testz1 | Bubble Editor

I am sure I am missing something here. Appreciate your help.


Hey @samuel, are you referring to “STORE” instead of “STORES” ? I updated the workflow where you create the STORES value, it was just missing the S.

Hi Gaby,

Seems like most recent category is also getting stored when I select a new category the second time.

Please try with below Example

1st data entry:
Name =ABC

output will be ABC RM
2nd data entry:

Category= HR and STORES

the output will be XYZ RM,HR,STORES which is an error

the actual output should be XYZ HR,STORES. whereas in the above case RM is also getting added to the record.

Fixed, you had to clear the custom state when the Submit button is clicked so that you can reset that value. Take a look, the value is just blank when Submit is clicked.

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Thank you very much Gaby :slight_smile:

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I was having the same problem. I ended up doing it differently. Instead of using checkboxes, I used the Multiselect Dropdown plugin.