Checkbox not communicating status correctly...?

I am building a filter for one of my repeating groups. I have 3 checkboxes that each show/hide a group which contains a corresponding dropdown menu for applying a particular filter. When these are checked, I have a counter that appears which communicates how many filters are currecntly being applied. (Checkbox is checked:as a number + checkbox2 is checked:as a number + checkbox3 is checked:as a number)

Anyways, it works perfectly for the first two checkboxes and is unresponsive for the 3rd. I know the third is working because it is showing / hiding it’s corresponding group with the filter dropdown. But, this particular checkbox’s dynamic status doesn’t seem to be being communicated past that. Any ideas?

Took a quick look video of the issue incase it’s helpful -->

Thanks in advance for any ideas you guys can share.

Try assigning custom states and count them together

Thanks @melon! The issue isn’t so much that they aren’t adding up. It’s that Bubble isn’t recognizing the checked state of that checkbox in workflows or in the counter. (I have a workflow with a condition that requires the checkbox to be checked and Bubble doesn’t seem to be able to tell that it’s checked.

The only thing that does seem to respond to the checkbox being checked is the little group with the dropdown directly under the checkbox. That works every time. But anywhere else in the app can’t seem to tell or respond to the box being checked.

Any other ideas?

Facepalm… I didn’t realize I had built this with two separate counters way back when. The counter I was modifying was being hidden and replaced by a different counter which wasn’t yet programed to look at the 3rd checkbox.

Thanks for the help! Sorry for the self-imposed issue.

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