Filtering with checkboxes and multiple selections from a drop down

Hi, I’d like to create something very similar to what is used for filtering the external plugins in Bubble.
Checkboxes for all individual items in a dropdown menu and the ability to select/deselect all. The screen shot below is what I’m referring to. Ideally, I’d like these selections to update a field related to the user as they are checked/unchecked.



Here is an interim solution. Though I’m also eager to see if anyone has a better approach.

  1. For each Checkbox, create a Group surrounding it. Within this Group, also create a Repeating Group associated with the specific Checkbox.
  2. For each Repeating Group, under the conditional state, set it to “Do a search for [your criteria matching checkbox]” when Checkbox is checked.
  3. Create a new Repeating Group, which you will use to display all items. For the data source, reference each Repeating Group’s List and use “merge with” to join each set together.

If you want all items to be present and “filter” the results, you can invert the logic. (Ie. change the preset of all checkboxes to checked).

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@NigelG @romanmg @emmanuel Better solution for this?

If you replace the buttons with checkboxes, this is pretty much there.


Thanks @NigelG, it wook me 2 hours to understand the link between the selected colors and the repeating group. I discovered that I have to click on the “filtered” to see the filter constraint. :slight_smile: