More than one related filter using Checkbox

I have an app that can filter more than one thing and related using checkbox. The filter has different category (Company Name, Company Size, Year of Experience, Service). Company Name search box requires input which is the company name inside database and the rest filters are checkbox with multiple select. It looks the picture below

This is my database setup

I’ve using custom state to store the value when the checkbox is clicked and when search the company name.


Then in repeating groups, I select the type of content to Company and do a search for company. I used :filtered and Advanced in constraint.


When I selected more than one types in one category(i.e. company size), it display the result that I want

However if I add another category(i.e year of experience and service), it suppose to show the result based on the required category.

And I want to implement the search, but it didn’t show anything



I’ve followed the tutorial from the youtube, but it didn’t work for me. Is anyone has the solution for it? I really need it for my work. Thanks

Here’s my bubble editor

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