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Input Form functionality for checkbox


New to Bubble so probably simple question but I can’t find a clear process on how to use the Checkbox Input form option when it comes to multiple entries under one item.

For instance, in a form, I want the user logged in to be able to select multiple checkboxes, save the selected corresponding answers in the database and do a search to show who among all the users have chosen the selected options. So:

Question 1) Choose your preferred colors below:

(unchecked box) White
(unchecked box) Black
(unchecked box) Yellow
(unchecked box) Red
(unchecked box) Blue
(unchecked box) Purple

Question2) choose your preferred cities from below:…

Any advice?

Thank you

Hi @gil06000,

I have created your request for you that you can look at and recreate using check boxes:

Hope you enjoy!

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Hi Calvin,

I did enjoy it :slight_smile:

Really appreciate your input. I am checking how you did that.

If I create another list of options with checkbox let’s say list of options2 (rectangle,square,triangle) would I need to create a second data type (in Data Type) called list of options 2 with the new names (so to create the 3 checkbox entries in design) ? what is the information “obtained” Yes/No used for in Data?

sorry for asking but how did you get “selected options” List of texts in Data under User?

Trying to connect the dots …:slight_smile:

If you have a bit more time, how would I add a search to show who has created the entry based on the search criteria here color and city?

so the result should be:

select your color
Select your city

User names
color (show the selected color)
city (show the selected color)

Many thanks