Checkboxes and several inputs texts

Hello every body.
I try to create an application which can make a list of things into an input, in checking checkboxes. I use the plugin “Display data in an Input” to do that. ( Display data in an input Plugin | Bubble )
But when i check a second box, the text of the second ovewrite the first one.
How can I make the texts follow each other ?
Thanks .

2 checkboxes V2 EN

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Hello @kirikaze welcome to the community!

Perhaps you should familiarize yourself with the concept of lists in Bubble. What you describe can be done without a plugin.

Here you can review one of several videos on YouTube by searching for “ lists”

Yes, easily done without the use of plugins. Follow tutorials related to adding items to a list, removing items from a list, and the use of custom states to store a temporary list of things without having to write to the database each time a user selects or deselects an item. Good luck. Happy bubbling

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Hello ! Thanks a lot.
But I’m sorry I was not enough precise in my explanation. ^^’
I use this plugin because I need to do a list that I can copy and paste the text in another program.
That’s why I use a input to do that.
I’ve got watched and tryed that you advise, but whith the method that you talking about, I think it ins’t possible, because it’s not a text, insn’t it ?
May it’s possible with another way ?

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