Checking if text contains one or more items from a list


I have a table Reports with a field phrases. The phrase field has a list of texts, like “was identified for” or “was shown by”.

How can I search reports where a chunk of text contains at least one of these phrases?

A text block might be something like “James was identified for eating crisps”. The report that contains a phrase “was identified for” should therefore be shown in a RG for this piece of text.

I’m running into a dead end with advanced filters, which appear to only let you check ONE item is contained within a block of text (see screenshot).

Many thanks for advice!


Thanks, but contains keywords isn’t an available option.

‘Contains’ is - but as I said does not appear to allow a list of texts to be supplied.

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Explore the differences between searching , filtering and advanced filtering

Also … look into fuzzy search plugins and external services like Algolia.

Searching, filtering and advanced filtering don’t seem to solve this - I was hoping there is a bubble native solution.

Thanks, will look into other alternatives.

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