Chrome on IOS error "This site is trying to open another application"

Hello Everyone.

In my application users are supposed to click call or email from a post, which should take them to the phone dialling screen or email sending application on their phone.

This has been working across all devices and browsers for over 6 months. Until yesterday when it suddenly stopped working on “chrome browser on Iphone”.

The problem: Now when users click the call or email, it shows a pop up “This site is trying to open another application” I have clicked allow a thousand times but nothing changes. I looked at the workflow and nothing has changed.

( see image attached ) even after clicking allow several times, it does not work.

Use text element and set it to recognize links

Thank you for your reply. I will definitely consider doing that. However, it works perfectly fine on opera browser and android chrome browser. This problem is peculiar to chrome browser on iPhone

I have tried using a text element and also enabled it to recognize links, this was tested with “contact us” because same problem applies there. see pictures att

ached. I also attached a picture of the instagram image element that works just fine. I a starting to think the problem is the destination link.