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Circular reference on Sign in / Log in popup

Has anyone run into the error:

“This is a circular Reusable Element… Reusable Elements cannot contain themselves (or other Reusable Elements that contain them).”

I have this currently on the Sign in / Log in popup (which was the default that comes with a new App) - certainly at some point I fat-fingered something. I compared all the workflow steps in the Pop Up to another app of mine who’s Sign in / Log in Pop Up is working, noting they’re the same. I have added the Pop Up to the header, but it doesn’t show up under “Hidden Elements” like it does for my app that’s working. I also noticed when I select the Sign in / Log Pop Up from the Element drop down, it doesn’t let me click the “Edit Element” button. What did I do??!

After searching for hours, right after I posted my question, I found out that INSIDE the pop up, I had an extra header B (with LOG IN and SIGN UP buttons repeated). I didn’t see this until I expanded the width of the pop up.


Well this happens :confused: glad you figured it out though. We’ll think about a more direct way to find it (have you used the element picker at the top of the page in the editor?)

I do use the element picker a lot… I was focused on the Pop Up in the picker and didn’t even question the add’l Log In / Sign up buttons that were probably in the drop down. Maybe a little more sleep than having a baby in the house allows and a half glass less of wine would have been helpful on my end =) =)