Help with sign up / log in popup

Hi, I’m currently building a login and sign up popup with a reusable element. (one reusable element for the login popup and one for the sign up popup)

Actually I’m finished, I only need to show the login reusable element, when the user clicks on “already have an account” in the sign up reusable element. But that is currently not possible. (see picture at the bottom) Does somebody know how to do it?

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Are you saying you’ve got 2 reusable elements? (1 for signup and 1 for login?)

You can only show or hide a reusable element from within another reusable element if the first RE contains the second RE…

So, if that’s what you’re trying to do, just ensure the Signup RE contains the Login RE…

Although I don’t see why you need to use 2 REs for this, its much simpler to just have a single RE and show the sign up and login forms as needed from within the 1 RE.

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Thank you for your answer. Do you mean I should put both popups in one popup? But that looks strange as I want to show the login popup, when a the button login in the header is clicked and the sign up popup, when the button sign up in the header is clicked.

The button login or signup in the header would show the whole popup and not only the correct one.

Yes, that’s how I’d do it (and I suspect how most people would do it)…

Just have a single RE, and have a group for your Login form, and a group for your Sign Up form, and show them accordingly.

That way you can control which one displays directly from the page if you need to using custom states…

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Ok, I’ll try it out, thanks

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Ok, I tried it out.
The sign up is above the login group. (picture 1)

But now, when I go to the index page and click signup in the header (picture 2)

I can only show the whole popup and not a specific group of this popup (picture 3)

Do you know how I can show only the signup group in this popup and not the login popup too?

Yes, you just need to use custom states and conditionals to determine which elements to display…

i.e. when the Popup’s ‘Display’ state is ‘login’ show the Login form, when it’s ‘signup’ show the signup form.

Then just set the state value in the same workflow you use to display the popup.

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Ok thank you very much, now it works properly :smiley:

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