Pricing per active user

Presuming the most efficient workflows possible, how many active users could you get on a personal plan at once (setting up an account, making posts into 10 different filterable categories, messaging each other and favouriting posts)? And how many on a professional plan with no additional reserve capacity? These would be on the legacy plans btw. I know the question is a bit ambiguous being that you can’t see the workflows and it depends on complexity etc. but really interested to see how many other bubble users have on their own apps on these plans. Thanks!!!

Depends on the app. I have 700 users on a personal plan app.

It’s not intensive though as most write actions are performed by a single admin.

I calculated some time ago that 100 write actions/minute was enough to max out capacity on a personal plan. But a few days ago Bubble improved the write actions so this may have changed.


Cheers for sharing that - 100 write actions/min seems pretty good for the personal plan. Have you done any tests on number of people just viewing a page on personal plan (With dynamic data i.e. their username, posts from all users on a timeline etc.)?

I’m a newbie to Bubble and really curious about how server costs compare to using firebase/ aws and coding the app yourself.