Clear a Repeating Group when Button is clicked


The RG list of words is added when the button “Ajouter le mot” is clicked.
But when the button “Enregister ma session…” is clicked I want the repeating group to disappear.

I would be grateful for any guidance!

Lots of different ways. One would be to use the workflow action of elements and choose repeating group clear list.

Hey Sheena,
You could save the items “Nouveaux mots appris” in a custom state list of text (see How to properly use Custom States | by Himanshu Sharma | Medium)
Then after saving your list in the database including the value of your custom state, you can clear the custom state using the “set state” action and setting the state to nothing/empty

Hope that help :slight_smile:

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Another option is an action display list in repeating group and feed it an empty list.

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Thank you help!

Hope someday I can return the favour!

You certainly will. I know you’re full of ressources for giving back :cowboy_hat_face: