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Repeating Group Clear (including cached data)


I’m using a database to store questions to easily dynamically add/remove/filter them as needed, they are displayed over various sections in which a user can navigate with using back and next buttons. These sections all use the same repeating group, in which the source is changed to questions with a different filter using a workflow action that is activated when a navigation button is pressed.

It takes a little while to load the next section, which I have no problem with as there’s a lot of logic and a lot of data that an individual question cell needs to load/process. However, I’ve found there’s no way to fully clear the repeating group before it reflects the new updated data source. Leading to the UI showing the next page with the last sections questions for a short period (I’ve tried hiding it while filtering for the next questions, however when unhiding the repeating group it still shows the previous questions for a split second which makes it look even more bizarre.)

I assume Bubble does this so the elements don’t have to be redrawn, but it ends up looking worse in this context in regards to UI/UX.

So I ask is there anyway to completely clear a repeating group, including its cached data? The Clear workflow action only seems to clear the data source leading to the same issue. Or, does someone have a suggestion for a work around?

Thank you for your post! I recommend using the display data in a repeating group action . With this, you can set the repeating group’s data source before it is show so that the lag that occurs when loading the entries is not shown. Additionally, you can use this action to change the data source when specific buttons are clicked by the user.

I suppose you mean “Display list in repeating group”? That’s what I am currently using to change the repeating group, however this doesn’t help with the issue. As far as I am where, when the data source of a repeating group changes bubble still keeps the elements with an individual cell of a repeating group alive with the old data, and once all the data is loaded it’ll slowly replace the elements with the new data. This doesn’t look great with what I am trying to do. I need a way to instantly clear a repeating group of all data and it’s elements, or at least hiding it while the elements within the repeating group set to the new data.

There is a condition for loading on a repeating group that can be used, in which I can set the group to invisible while this is happening, however this doesn’t change the elements within the repeating group itself, so once the repeating group is finishing loading and becomes visible again, it’s still displaying the data from the previous data source for a split second while the elements slowly load the new data.

One possible solution that I’m trying to workout is using actions to reset the data within a repeating group, however you don’t have access to the action of an element within repeating groups. There might be a workout with using reusable elements (as they can have actions called from outside) but I haven’t worked it out yet.


Interesting. Bubble keeping old data alive is the first I hear of.

The display command is immediate. This has been my experience after many apps :grinning:


RG with search for things constrained for dropdown’s value. When this dropdown’s value is X then display list with a set of constrains A. When this dropdowns value is Y then display list with a set of constraints B.

The above is immediate. :+1:t2:

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