Clear Button / RESET Button

I have created different input fields. say- Input-1,Input-2, Input-3 …etc .
And I have to RESET only Input-3 .
How should i proceed.
RESET Button

Put input 3 in group and reset group.

But i would need any of the input fields to reset.
It may b all or it may b some particular one.

Place that input into it’s own Group, with a name like ‘GroupResetFields’. Then add a workflow to the ‘Reset’ button that says: ‘When this button is clicked’ and then for Step 1, under ‘Element Actions’, choose ‘Reset Data’, and under the ‘Element’ dropdown choose the name of the group you just made (in my example, ‘GroupResetFields’. This will only clear out the input (and any other inputs should you wish to add) in that smaller group. Groups can be nested within other groups so this shouldn’t interfere with your overall build / design / layout.

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