Repeating Groups Help Needed Please

Hi there! I am trying to do a application status for my community, but for some reason its not showing up on page? I have tried to follow a youtube video but not working for me?

Can someone point to me what I have done wrong please?

I no clue why this is NOT showing up for me?

Hi there, @measlystormnetworkuk… the first thing to check is your privacy rules. Bubble sets a privacy rule by default for each data type now, and that is tripping a lot of folks up these days.

Hope this helps.


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Ah I know it used to be able to work that way. What do I need to change? Not used bubble for a long time. lol

Go to the Data >> Privacy tab, click on the Application Status data type, and see if there is a privacy rule in place that conflicts with the desired behavior.

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Thanks will do. Keep ya posted! Thought I gone mad and dont the thing wrong. lol

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Posted a new topic, having simular problem again.


As Mike suggested there may be privacy rules for your data types.

Go to the data tab then privacy rules and erase all. Check for every data type and erase one by one by clicking on the trash icon.


I found out the reason why it was, it seemed to be clashing with some privacy rules, so I removed them and started to make me own privacy rules :slight_smile: Far easier and better.